Marketing Reimagined

Analyze Goals

We analyze your target demographic, marketing goals, and budget

Optimize Route

We provide you with trucks that best suit your needs

Prepare Trucks

Printing of vinyl and installation begins

Launch Campaign

Trucks are driven on their routes

Track Peformance

A monthly report is generated to showcase analytics gathered

A box truck graphic

Advantages of Box Truck Marketing

The digital age has transitioned marketing to promoting over various social media platforms to gain easy brand awareness. However, it has been proven that social media marketing often has a negative connotation with it. Potential consumers don't want companies to force advertisements on them, which often leads them to be overlooked.

On the other hand, box truck marketing does not have the same negative connotations that social media marketing does. People are more inclined to look at and read the advertisements while on the road. Studies have shown that 88% of people notice advertisements on trucks when they are driving or walking on the streets. People will also often associate the trucks belonging to the advertiser.

A box truck graphic

Advertising with Invision

At Invision, we reimagined what marketing should be. We've spent countless hours building out a sophisticated box truck network in the Bay Area to help our clients promote their businesses. Our box truck network is GPS tracked and each vehicle is paired with specific routes allowing us to fully optimize our clients with box trucks that best fit their target demographics. At the end of each month, we generate an analytics report giving valuable insights to our clients.